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Only 4... 4 days.... of kids... and... I will be.... fre... freeeeee.... FREEEEEEMUHHAAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAAHAAHAHAAHAH


You can call me Natsume, I´am from Spain, I love manga, videogames and drawing of course. I expect that you enjoy my art.

If you can understand Spanish you must not forget visit my Blog and download my fanzines:


Commissions: (Spanish more down)

First sorry for my patetic english.

If you send me your request to this email: with your name and the word "commission" in the title, I will send you the final price, but I put here a basic table of prices with examples, but the price can change about the side, details etc, A color chibi will be more cheap that a complete page full of characters in color.


Pencil:35$ Example: natsumemetalsonic.deviantart.c…

Ink: 45$ Example:natsumemetalsonic.deviantart.c…

Basic Color: 55$ (Anime style) natsumemetalsonic.deviantart.c…

Gradation Color: 65$ Example:

I can draw any kind of "hentai", Lolicon, Furry, Vore etc, except Guro or Yaoi (For Yaoi, send me a Email)

1º- Send me a email with the specs of the picture that you want, I will answed you with the final price and the confirmation or denegation.
2º Send half payment yo my Paypal account.
3º I send you the sketch for you aprobation.
4º I will finish the picture, you will send me the rest of the payment and I will send you the .TIF with the complete work.

- The commissioner will not have the exploitation rights of the commisions, that means that you can upload your pages where you want, but NEVER sell them without my permission. Those rights, have a extra cost.
-If you want cancel the work in middle of the work, I will not return the half payment, only in a specific cases, or if I am who cancel the work, then i return you all the payment.
-My english is very very veeeery bad (You can see right? XD), so in the references please be very clear.

I reserved the right for use the pictures in the future, to upload here or in my blog, or use in my Fanzines.



Mándeme a este Email: su nombre con la palabra "Encargo" en el titulo, contestaré lo mas pronto posible con el precio final del trabajo ya que aunque aquí abajo pongo una lista de precios básicos para orientar no es definitiva, por que lógicamente cobraré menos por un chibi a todo color que por una escena Dina-4 llena de personajes y detalles a color, básicamente es el tiempo de trabajo que tendré que dedicar y lo complicado del dibujo lo que afecta al precio.


Lapicero:35$ Example: natsumemetalsonic.deviantart.c…

Entintado: 45$ Example: natsumemetalsonic.deviantart.c…

Colores básicos: 55$ (Con sombras estilo anime) natsumemetalsonic.deviantart.c…

Coloreado con gradaciones: 65$ Example:

En principio puedo dibujar "cualquier cosa", sobre todo en lo referente a temáticas Hentai (donde me especializo), Futanari, Lolicon, Vore etc, las únicas temáticas a priori que noo aceptare serie el Guro o el Yaoi (Aunque el Yaoi... un mail y ya veremos, pero en principio no).

Pasos a seguir:

1º- Me mandara un Email explicándome lo que quiere, contestaré con el precio final y si acepto o no el trabajo (si no tengo tiempo o tengo un exceso de trabajos no lo podre aceptar inmediatamente).
2º Se me realizara un pago por la mitad del importe a mi cuenta de Paypal.
3º Tras el pago realizare un boceto del dibujo y se lo mandare a espera de confirmación para ver si esta todo correcto o si hay que hacer modificaciones.
4º Con la confirmación en la mano acabaré el dibujo al 100%, cuando el trabajo este casi acabado por completo se me mandara la 2º mitad del pago, y cuando confirme que se ha realizado
enviare el dibujo finalizado en un archivo TIF en CMYK.

-Intentare tener los trabajos acabados en 2 o 3 semanas máximo, todo depende del volumen de trabajo que tenga y mi vida personal.
-Si se cancelase el trabajo a la mitad no devolveré el 1º pago, a no ser que sean casos muy específicos (como que acabáramos de empezar y no hubiera hecho nada o casi), o sea yo quien cancele el trabajo, en ese caso devolvería todo el dinero.
- En las referencias por favor, hay que intentar ser lo mas claro posible para evitar problemas, eso implica no usar modismos o palabras que solo se usen en un País particular (Recordad que el Español cambia un poco o mucho dependiendo del país).

Me reservo el derecho a utilizar los dibujos en el futuro y a subirlos como ejemplos a mi Blog o Devianart, excepto en el caso de que en el dibujo se haya usado de base una foto o elemento cuyos derechos de imagen no tenga. (Si por ejemplo queréis que dibuje a vuestra novia siendo violada por un monstruo de tentáculos y tengo que usar su foto para la cara).

Current Residence: Spain
Favourite genre of music: Jpop
Favourite cartoon character: Felicia (Vampire Savior)


Patreon Sketch Streaming NOW by Natsumemetalsonic
Patreon Sketch Streaming NOW
Hello, I going to do another streaming of another sketch for one of my 40$ patrons from patreon, you can check it here:…
Only 4... 4 days.... of kids... and... I will be.... fre... freeeeee.... FREEEEEEMUHHAAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAAHAAHAHAAHAH
Sketch Streaming NOW by Natsumemetalsonic
Sketch Streaming NOW
Hello people, I going to start a Streaming of one of the Sketchs to my 40$ Patron from Patreon. If you want see it you can check it in this link:…
Hello people, it´s me again in my "crybaby time", well, as you know I´m working in the sumer camp and bla bla bla, I must work 2 weeks more in theory, the next week for sure, the next one... I´m think that I will work too but I´m not sure, what is the problem?, this week I have more hours, I must stay with the kids in the lunch time, that means that I will have less time and energy to work and I dont have any actually XD. So I must take a semi pause the rest of the month, I will be working but veeeery slowlly, I can´t do nothing, sorry. I tryed keep the rythm of my work but I cant, I only can work 4 hours per day and I dont have enought energy to be 100% productive.

-If that work is garbage, Why did you take it and why do you not give up?.

Is a good question, the problem here is that my father is one of the executive of the sports club that organize the campus, 5 years ago I could take the oportunity of work there thanks to my father, I was unemployed and I needed the work, but now I have a work, the commisions, patreon, my fanzines, but I cant say "no thanks, I will not work more here", and I can´t say "goodbye" thanks to the position of my father (and you know... all the eyes are in my ass for that, I must be the best of the teachers of the campus, be the "chief´s son is a pain in the ass here XD, I cant use "chief´s son power", on the contrary XD).

Arg, this is a crap, I didn´t want take any pauses this year, even resing of make my Pirates vs Ninjas 6 because I should take a 2 months pause as the last year and no... and finally this happens... the next year I will talk with my father and my boss or something...  In september probably I will need take a week to work 100% in my new Fanzine and finish it, but I will try no take more pauses this summer.

Sorry people, and sorry to my customers, as I sais I going to work but... slowly.

See you later.


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You need to watch these video American artist jobs are at stack

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I sent you a note.
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Awesome work here! And Thanks for the watch!
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Tienes vore sin censura,si es asi me pasas el link?
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Note sent!:p
Damnitshuge Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  New Deviant
Hey man,can you tell me what application do you use to make your comic?
Before I drew in papel with a pencil, inked with a Precision pen (like the pens that we use in technical drawing in the school), and a scanner, but now I use a grafic tablet Wacom Cintiq 13HD and Manga Studio to draw and Photoshop/Paint Sai for the color.
jsiejkd Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015
Note sent!
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How is your projects, commissions, and MLP Scripts? I hope your feeling okay?
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What about the Taste of Life comic?
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